London: You may find it a bit strange, but official figures have revealed that a growing number of British couples over-60s are seeking divorce.
According to the most recent figures, more than 11,500 over-60s were granted a divorce in a year -- a rise of four percent in two years.
By comparison, total divorce rates fell by more than 11 percent in the same period from 2007 to 2009, the Office for National Statistics said.
The statistics, disclosed following a parliamentary question, show that 7,063 men and 3,977 women aged 61 or over -- a total of 11,040 -- divorced in 2007; the number rose to 11,507 by 2009.
The higher number of men getting divorced in that age group reflects the fact that husbands are usually older than their wives.
By comparison, all other age groups witnessed a decline in the number of divorces, with the effect most pronounced among those aged 31 to 40.
The divorce rate went up 4.2 percent among the over-60s, while it declined by 9.7 per cent among those in their 50s, 9.4 percent in the 40s, 15.5 percent in the 30s and 11.4 percent between 18 and 30, according to the figures.