Celebrating its second anniversary, the UPA-II government has squarely blamed the Opposition for its failure, in a measure to give a facelift to its dented contour caused by graft and mismanagement. It is quite shocking and outrageous, the government tried to corner the Opposition while giving assurance of tightening belt to take on corruption. If the Congress and the Central government have collectively taken tough stand against corruption and they are not ready to tolerate corrupt elements, then does it mean to exhort and preach down upon the Opposition? If the Opposition and particularly the BJP are lax towards corruption, why does the ruling party try to be pally with them by cautioning in this regard? If the Congress leaders know that common people have great concern for rampant corruption and malpractices, they should also learn that people are shell-shocked as no concrete step has been taken as yet to combat corruption. How long it can be harped on that there will be strong measures against graft and sleaze in the system? Both UPA Chairperson and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had emphatically said during the Congress plenary at Buradi last December, corrupt elements will not be spared, but nothing has changed so far. What is the reason the government is still mulling over the initiative to bridle corruption? The ruling dispensation is putting blame on the Opposition for its every misdoing. Surprisingly, it is said that the Land Acquisition Act could not be amended because of the Opposition which had stalled the Parliamentary proceedings in the session.

It is preicse that the Opposition disrupted the winter session of the Parliament demanding a JPC probe into 2G spectrum scam, but the moot point is why did the Congress leaders not accept the Opposition demand in the beginning? It is obvious that stubbornness of the ruling party paralysed the winter session of the Parliament. If the government could not amend the Land Acquisition Act in the winter session, why didn’t it do in the Budget session? The reason is clear that the government could not afford to go against Mamata Banerjee who had opposed the amendment of Land Acquisition Act. It seems that the UPA government has decided to shrug off the Opposition and blame them for its failures. It is quite deplorable and the government must accept its shortcomings. The ruling party must learn the fact that the Opposition is not meant to heap encomium on the Centre. It is fundamental of democracy that the Opposition pulls up the ruling government for its inefficiency.