* The daily recommended intake of sugar is not more than six teaspoons for women and nine teaspoons for men.

* Most of us consume too much sugar without realizing it. It is well hidden in processed foods. A single can of cold drink has seven teaspoons of sugar. A large serving of cold drink can have as much as 44 teaspoons.

* Chocolates, pastries, candies, fast food, breakfast cereals, ice creams, canned fruit juices, soups, alcoholic drinks and desserts have very high amounts of sugar.

* Sugar has calories but none of the vitamins or minerals that our body needs.

* Excessive sugar accumulates in our bodies, causing health conditions like obesity, tooth decay, diabetes and an impaired immune system.

* Sugar can also result in diseases associated with metabolism like high cholesterol levels, insulin resistance and increased blood pressure.

* People with severe sugar addiction can opt for sugar substitutes as a safe alternative. These offer the same taste as sugar but with almost zero calories.

* Sugar substitutes are ideal for those suffering from diabetes, obesity and other health conditions.

* It is important to reduce our daily consumption of sugar if we have to stay healthy and avoid serious medical disorders as we grow old. Sugar substitutes are a sweet but safe way to satisfy our sweet tooth without compromising on health.

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