Mumbai: Ranbir Kapoor, it seems, has decided jump into the rat race head on. The actor, who has so far been doing just one film a year, will now take on a lot more work.

He has already given the nod to Ayaan Mukherjee's next and Anurag Basu's biopic on Kishore Kumar. Another assignment with producer Sajid Nadiadwala is almost final.

And if all goes well, he also plans to revive his home banner RK Films by the end of next year.

Says a source, "Ranbir would definitely be signing more films now. The two back-to-back Rockstar and Barfee experiences have left him questioning his earlier decision to be extra-picky about his assignments."

However, the main reason for the actor's change of career strategy is his father, actor Rishi Kapoor.

Rishi admits that he advised Ranbir to increase his workload."In my heydays, I did little work... never more than two films at a time. Now I'm suddenly doing more work than ever before. Ranbir is in his prime, and he has opportunities as an actor that I never did at his age. May God grant him good health and wisdom.I keep complaining that he works too little, but he's now coming to terms with it. Rockstar took a long time. He's now going to be signing more films."