Bhopal: A city based cloth trader was duped by the employees of a Gujarat based company under the cover of opening a call centre in Bhopal. The police have arrested one person in this regard whereas three others involved in the racket are still absconding.

The roots of the fraud company have been traced to Ahmedabad. The police team is expected to visit the city in search of other victims tricked by the culprits.

According to the police, Nishesh Yadav, a cloth trader at Suresh Landmark met Ashish through some friends. Ashish who runs Anshuman Infotech company in MP Nagar persuaded him to open a call centre in Bhopal where he met Aprit Kshatriya and Vishwanath Raghuvanshi of a Gujarat based company Mun Solutions.

Nishesh paid Rs 3.10 lakh for opening the call centre and was taken to Ahmedabad for a visit to the company. The company provided him training and promised to deliver him call centre equipments within three days.

When Nishesh did not receive any equipment, he reported the matter to the police which filed a case of fraud against the four accused and arrested Ashish in this regard. The police will now visit Ahmedabad in search of the company which had tricked the cloth merchant.