In his speech, Kohli urged citizens to work towards realising Modi's development mantra of "Sauno Saath' Sauno Vikas (Development for all)".

"Let's come together to realise Narendrabhai Modi's mantra of 'Sauno Sath' Sauno Vikas' and take a resolution to take India towards new heights of development and prosperity," said Governor O P Kohli in his official speech on the eve of Independence Day.

"On this occasion, we should try to walk on the path shown by Mahatma Gandhiji, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Shyamjee Krishna Verma," said Kohil, who will hoist the national flag at Raj Bhavan in Gandhingar tomorrow morning.

Similarly, Gujarat Chief Minister Anandi Patel remembered Modi, who served as Gujarat CM before her, and hailed him as the torchbearer of "Su-Rajya" and "Su-Shasan" (good governance) for the entire nation.

"When we got Swaraj (Independence), our ancestors set a goal to bring Su-Rajya in India. But, that dream remained unfulfilled. During the last ten years, all our dreams and aspirations were washed away, as people experienced nothing but disappointment," said the Gujarat CM in a message to the people targeting the erstwhile UPA government.

"Luckily, our country has returned to the path of Su-Shasan 81 days ago. It is a matter of pride that our son of the soil Narendra Modi is leading that movement as our PM. Just like Gujarat was ahead in leading the movement for Independence, we are also leading the good governance movement today," Patel said.

"Today, when the Gujarat model of development is being adopted elsewhere also, all the credit goes to the 6.5 crore citizens of Gujarat, who reposed their trust in us and walked with us in this journey of development," Patel mentioned in her speech,

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