Ahmedabad: Keeping in view the Gujarat Assembly polls, Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday showered praise on people from Bihar and went on to say that his state shared an old bond with them.

"Gujarat and Bihar share an old bond. If Sardar Patel had not been there, Rajendra Babu (who hailed from Bihar) would not have become the President of India while Jayprakashji made Morarjibhai the PM," Modi said during a function to mark Bihar's centenary celebration.

"There are countless such examples that bind us," he said, adding that Bihar was the land where Gandhiji started the movement for Swaraj. Talking about large number of people from Bihar who have migrated to Gujarat, Modi said, "there was a time when Kolkata had most number of migrants from Bihar, but I think now Surat has broken that record."

While trying to strike a chord with Biharis, Modi said the Gujarat government is planning to build a large statue of Buddha as his influence was profound on both Gujarat and Bihar.

Modi also highlighted the strength of Biharis, saying that they display their talent in whichever field they go.


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