New Delhi: Indian Prime Minister's advisor Sam Pitroda has said that Gujarat is yet to make a mark in the sphere of human resource and education and does not match the standards of developed cities in the technology sector. Pitroda said that although India has taken its first step towards technological development, Gujarat still lags behind.

"We really need to focus on improving higher education in Gujarat. Technology, innovation is all human capacity. We have to build human capacity. We need better universities, focus more on English; we need better research, good industry-university collaboration. We are not that great. When you talk about technology, people automatically assume Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. Gujarat is not part of that equation yet," said Pitroda.

On the contrary, industrialists praise Gujarat for being a developed and business friendly state. Major Oil and gas companies have invested billions of dollars in the region. Gujarat has been praised as one of the most rapidly developing states of the nation. Western nations have also begun to engage the state for offering lucrative business opportunities.


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