"As per estimates, production of foodgrains during 2013-14 is estimated at 99.90 lakh tonne compared to 70.22 lakh tonne last year," the Socio-Economic Review Report of Gujarat state of the year 2013-14 said.
The report said that the state agricultural economy has witnessed a shift towards high value crops like cotton, groundnuts, fruits, vegetables, condiments and spices from low value cereals and other crops.
The state has also witnessed improvement in production of oilseeds this year.
The production of oilseeds is estimated at 74.23 lakh tonne during the year 2013-14 against the production of 27.05 lakh tonne during the year 2012-13, the report said.
On the horticulture sector economy, the report said it had been gaining momentum since the area under fruit crops, condiments, spices and floriculture had increased.
"During the year 2011-12, production of fruits, vegetables, spices and flowers has been reported to be 77.63 lakh tonnes, 100.49 lakh tonnes, 11.68 lakh tonnes and 1.35 lakh tonne respectively, which increased to 85.31 lakh tonne,
105.21 lakh tonne, 12.54 lakh tonne and 1.49 lakh tonnee respectively during the year 2012-13," the review said.
At present, horticulture crops contribute to about 20 percent to the total agricultural economy, the report said. Gujarat's animal husbandry sector registered a decent performance in the year 2013-14.
However, there has been a decrease in the production of wool from 26.64 lakh kg in 2012-13 to 25.78 lakh kg in the year 2013-14.
Milk production has increased from 103.15 lakh tonne in 2012-13 to 111.13 lakh tonne in 2013-14, the review said.

In the fisheries sector, total fish production has been estimated at 7.93 lakh tonne during the year 2013-14, while it has been estimated at 7.88 lakh tonne in the year 2012-13.


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