Ahmedabad: Following pressure from Maldhari samaj and Jain munis, the Gujarat government’s proposed anti-slaughter law has been enacted in the entire state on the occasion of Dhanteras on Monday.

In a bid to save the lives of cows, the government has also banned their transportation from one place to another. However, one will have to seek prior permission from police if necessary.

A statement issued by the state government read that the law has been enacted in the state keeping peoples’ wishes in mind.

The Maldhari Pashupalak Samaj was holding protests against cow-slaughter in the state for the past three months.

Apart from the movement, the Jain community was also putting pressure on the government to ban cow-slaughter, sale of beef including transportation of cows.

Keeping his promise, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi passed the bill in the Monsoon Session and enacted the law in the entire state.

Even though the law has been in force since 1994, cases of cow-slaughter were rising and transportation of beef was being rampantly done giving sleepless nights to the government.

Adopting a tough approach, the Gujarat government has made provision of seven years in jail including a fine of Rs 50,000 for those who are involved in this business.

Under the law, cows cannot be transported from one place to another without prior permission of the police inspector and doing so will attract strict action as well as penalty.