The Sena also said that it needs to be studied why the BJP lost in rural areas if the state is claimed to be 'number one' in terms of development. Sena said the results indicate that the people of Gujarat do not stand behind the Prime Minister completely and that the BJP needs to evaluate why "alarm bells" have started ringing on Narendra Modi's home pitch.
Out of power for 20 years, the Congress made a stunning comeback in the rural areas of Gujarat where it won 21 of the 31 district panchayats and around 110 of the 230 taluka panchayats, while the BJP retained its hold over urban pockets clinching all six municipal corporations and 40 of 56 municipalities.

After its battering in Bihar, the loss in rural local bodies in Gujarat comes more than a year after Narendra Modi, who ruled the state for 12 years, shifted to Delhi."The results of the civic body polls only indicate that the people of Gujarat do not stand behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi completely.

"The municipal corporations will be ruled by the BJP and the Zilla Parishads by the Congress. In short, the Congress has won the election despite losing it. The BJP now needs to evaluate why alarm bells have started ringing on Narendra Modi's home pitch," it said. The ruling alliance partner also said that the Congress getting a new lease of life in the Bihar Assembly elections is fine, but the party doing well in Modi's home state is a matter of grave concern.

The PM had given a call of a Congress-free India, but after Bihar, the Congress has now risen in Gujarat as well," the Sena said, adding "the results have given an opportunity for Congress to rejoice."

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