Before finalising any make or model, the technical committee of Gujarat state police department is evaluating various bikes. Recently, two Harley-Davidson bikes have been inspected by the committee at Gandhinagar.
According to a key official of the committee, other companies are also under consideration. One of the criteria set by the department is the ability of the bike to carry high tech communication equipment, which is necessary in case of emergency situations.
"These bikes will be used for routine work as well as in any emergency situation as well as for VIP security. We are looking at various engine displacements, ranging from 700cc to 1500cc. However, it should also fit into our budget," the official said.
"We have a budget to buy five super bikes for the police. Before finalising on a particular bike manufacturer, we have invited them to give us demonstrations. Few days ago, Harley-Davidson gave us a demonstration," the official said.

The official claimed that many other super bike manufacturers or importers of such bikes are also expected to give their demonstrations soon.
"Companies like Triumph and BMW have also asked to give their demo. We need to check whether they are compatible to carry out tasks related to police. We also need to check if they can carry wireless sets and other hi-tech equipment. After completion of this process, we will take a final call to buy five such bikes," the official said.

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