On a day when social activists were joined in by representatives of four political parties including Congress petitioned President Pranab Mukherjee over the issue, party spokesperson P C Chacko questioned the silence of Modi and went hammer and tongs against Leader of Opposition Arun Jaitley over his remarks that Congress was using disgruntled officers of Gujarat to mount attack on Modi.
"By attacking our leaders, I do not think Jaitley or anybody else can escape. What happened in Gujarat was a reign of terror. 93,000 unauthorized interceptions were made in Gujarat in seven months. BJP's prime ministerial candidate will have to answer. BJP cannot escape from it," he said at the AICC briefing.
Slamming Jaitley for his ‘audacity’ to accuse Congress of using disgruntled officers to attack Modi, Chacko said that it appears that the tweets and taunts have really disturbed the BJP and wondered "how many disgruntled officers are there in Gujarat?"
Jaitely had on Sunday said that while Congress' top leaders remain in background, others attack Modi through their tweets and taunts, which was interpreted as the BJP leader's jibe at Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh.
Alleging that this time something has happened in which Modi is directly involved, Chacko said that the person who has been made the PM candidate of the party should not be allowed to escape without giving answers.
Mahila Congress chief Shobha Oza, who was part of the delegation that went to the President to demand an independent judicial probe into the matter, said, "Modi like a spider has been caught in the net woven by himself" and questioned "does he have moral right to continue as Chief Minister after this".
Giving clear signals that Congress will seek to build momentum, Oza said the party will show black flags to Modi when he comes out of Gujarat after the assembly elections.
"We have thrown the issue in public domain and now the public will decide a public opinion is naturally being built. We will keep fighting for justice," she said.


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