As per Gujarat state government figures, the state recorded 57.50 percent average rain until August 22, while dams in the state are left with a total 13755.90 million cubic metre (MCM) (65.46 percent) water in addition to Sardar Sarovar Project which has 5131.78 MCM  (97.45 percent) water.
According to figures of Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority (GSDMA), Kutch region in the state has been facing a tough situation with just 167 mm (43.15 percent) annual average rainfall.
As per figures of the state government's Narmada Water Resources Water Supply and Kalpsar Department, Kutch has 31.98 million cubic metre (MCM) or 9.56 percent of water left in various reservoirs of the region.
Godhatad Dam in Kutch region has no water available in it, while Mitti Dam will provide water only until December this year, as per GSDMA figures.

North Gujarat region has also been facing a similar situation, with 316.39 million cubic metres or 46.87 percent of annual average rainfall till August 22, the official data said.
North Gujarat has a 498.18 MCM gross water storage (25.92 percent) against its total capacity.
Mukteswar Dam in Mehsana district of North Gujarat will be able to provide water until February 24, 2015. While Guhai, Majham, Meswo and Hathmati reservoirs of Himmatnagar district would provide water supply until June 2015.

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