The community members have also threatened to launch a statewide agitation if their demands are not met. After holding meeting with the representatives of 400 sub-castes of the community, the All Gujarat Brahm Samaj has prepared an agenda of their demands, which include reservation to economically weaker members. Their other demands include setting up of a board to look after economically weaker Brahmins, reservation to Brahmin students in education sector among others.

"Because of the current reservation system, Brahmins have suffered a lot and are left behind others. Reservation system was meant only for some years after we gained independence. But, politicians continued this system till today to secure their vote banks. This has to come to an end now," Brahm Samaj president Shailesh Joshi told reporters at a press conference here.

Joshi urged the community did not want a specific quota as such as is the case with Patels who have sought reservation under OBC quota. He said their body wants government to grant reservations to any community solely on the criterion of economic condition in future.

"Thus, we want the government to change this system and introduce a system which is based on economic condition, not on castes. We believe that anyone who is financially weak should get reservation, including Brahmins. Our children could not get good education or jobs just because of the current reservation system," said added.

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