With its 3.47 meters total length, the Gunbus 410 is a perfect blend of revolutionary design and superior strength. This monster measures in at 11.6 feet long and 4.9 feet high. In order to compliment this insane height, this bike is installed with a 38 inch wheel up front and a massive 42 inch wheel outback.

It is a fuel driven piece of automobile that through a 3 speed transmission with reverse gear. Weighing at 1,433 pounds, Gunbus 410 leaves behind all the contemporaries with a huge margin. The motorcycle is expected to be priced around USD 350,000.

With the evolution of this bike, it would be interesting to observe what changes it brings to the current 2-wheeled automobile industry.

Key Specifications:

•        Wheel Base Dimension: 7.9'

•        Total Height: 4.9' and Sitting Height: 2.6'

•        Engine: 2-cylinder with V-type arrangement

•        Maximum engine torque: 710 Nm at 1900 RPM.

•        Transmission: 3-gear sequential with reverse gear.

•        Tires: RIGDON. Front, 38" diameter; 11" width. Rear: 42" diameter; 15" width.