Lagos: Gunmen attacked a barge belonging to an oil services company off the coast of Nigeria on Sunday, killing two Nigerian sailors and kidnapping four foreigners, navy officials said.

The suspected sea pirates stormed the vessel in the Gulf of Guinea, an area that has seen a sharp spike in the number of reported marine attacks over the last six months.

A spokeswoman for Sea Trucks Group, which provides support vessels to oil companies operating in Nigeria, told that one of the company's ships came under fire and that four of the firm's employees were taken in the raid.

"At this time Sea Trucks Group is making every effort to ascertain the whereabouts of its personnel," the spokeswoman, Corrie van Kessel, told.

She said that Sea Trucks Group is heavily involved in the oil and gas sector in the Niger Delta.     Nigeria's navy spokesman Commodore Kabir Aliyu said during the attack "four expatriates are reported to have been kidnapped from the vessel; two sailors were killed."

He said those kidnapped were from Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia and Thailand. "We have not made any arrest yet. We are still trying to ascertain the true identities of the attackers and their motive," he told.

"We are still searching. We have deployed a boat and a helicopter to the area where the the attack took place," he said, adding: "We have not established any contact with the attackers or the foreigners abducted."

Aliyu said six naval personnel were stationed on board the Sea Trucks Group vessel following a security request from the company. The attack, which also left two other seamen injured, took place at roughly 0100 GMT on Sunday, 35 nautical miles off Nigeria's oil-rich Niger Delta coastal area, the navy and company said.

The volatile area was for years crippled by armed insurgency, largely made up of militants from the Delta who claimed that the region's people were not benefitting from its vast oil wealth, while crude production devastated the environment.

Armed groups in the Delta were notorious for kidnapping oil workers, especially foreigners.


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