According to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, Cheryl Pifer, the accused, allegedly told the boy who was doing his music class homework for school to “get his ass back inside.”

An affidavit states that at the time of the incident there were five other children aged between one to 11 in the backyard and the boy’s grandmother told them to get back in the house.

“The boys saw Cheryl at the door with the gun aimed at them. They said that Cheryl repeatedly yelled ‘fire in the hole’. They quickly went inside the house and dialed 911,” added the affidavit.

The deputy who filed the report said that he is very familiar with Pifer and the latter was drunk when the officers arrived. The authorities also found a seven mm Mausar rifle by the door with two rounds having been fired. She was booked on four counts of felony menacing, seven counts of reckless child abuse/no injury, and one count of prohibited use of a weapon.

She was released on a USD 5,000 bond on Thursday and is due to appear in court on September 19.

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