The Gurbani Sangeet Samagam is in its 11th edition and is presented by the department of art, culture and languages and Punjabi academy at the Talkatora Gardens."Over centuries many preachers, saints, gurus, bhakts and sufis have walked across the land of India preaching the message of love, brotherhood and enlightenment.

This criss-cross has left a rich spiritual legacy in the country, something we are all proud of," Geetanjali Gupta, secretary at the department of art, culture and languages, said."This festival is a celebration of the practice of reciting the words of the revered Sikh gurus. This is an integral part of Delhi's composite culture," she added.

Gupta also pointed out how kirtan has been assigned a prominent status in the Guru Granth Sahib."Today singing the compositions of the Guru Granth Sahib has become a common spiritual practice among Sikhs across the world. Gurbani is hence a unique blend of sacred verse and music," she said."We intend to give the people of Delhi a spiritual experience that will be worth remembering. We also intend to keep the tradition alive and respected through this festival," she added.

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