"We had issued condemnation in strongest terms the terrorist attack on Gurdaspur. We have condemned in strongest terms that is self explanatory," Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qazi Khalilullah told reporters here.

"Pointing fingers without investigation is not a healthy trend," he said. On July 27, three fidayeen, believed to be members of the LeT, attacked passengers in a bus and stormed a police station in Gurdaspur, killing seven persons, including an SP, before being killed by security forces after a day-long operation.

Describing Pakistan as a victim of terrorism, Khalilullah said, ”It is unfortunate that Indian media started blaming Pakistan while the operation against the attackers were still going on."

His comments came hours after Home Minister Rajnath Singh today made a statement in Rajya Sabha linking Gurdaspur attack to Pakistan, saying three terrorists had infiltrated from there to carry out the strike.

Giving details of the attack, Singh stated, "Preliminary analysis of GPS data indicates that the terrorists had infiltrated from Pakistan through the area near Tash in Gurdaspur district, where the Ravi river enters Pakistan."

When asked had New Delhi made an effort to inform Pakistan to clear its position on the attack in Gurdaspur, Khalilullah cited, "We have affirmed many times that terrorism is our common enemy and it requires cooperative approach to combat the menace rather than the blame game."

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