Making a statement in Rajya Sabha on Monday's attack in Punjab, he said "Any effort by the enemies of our nation to undermine India's territorial integrity and security or imperil the safety and security of our citizens will meet an effective and forceful response from our security forces."

"The government has been and will remain resolute in this regard", he stated. Singh made the statement amid din created by Congress members which was strongly disapproved of by Deputy Chairman P J Kurien, who said it was 'not politics' but a 'statement on a terrorist attack' that concerns the security of the country.

However, as the unrelenting Congress members continued to shout slogans against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Singh cited, "I take this opportunity to assure the House that the government is firmly to root out terrorism from India."

The Home Minister also assured the House that "The government will do everything possible to prevent cross-border terrorism aimed against India."

Giving details of the attack in Punjab, he said, "Preliminary analysis of GPS data indicates that the terrorists had infiltrated from Pakistan through the area near Tash in Gurdaspur district, where the Ravi river enters Pakistan."

It is also suspected, the Home Minister said, that the same terrorists had planted five IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) on the railway track near Talwandi village between Dinanagar and Jhakoladi which were subsequently defused by the bomb disposal squad. A night vision device was also recovered from the spot.


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