New York/Washington: Six days after a deadly shooting struck an Oak Creek gurdwara, the shrine on Friday opened its gates again to the public, with over 100 community members returning to clean it ahead of the funeral for the victims.

The members of the shrine said that a lone bullet hole in a metal door frame at the gurdwara will remain there as a poignant reminder of the tragedy.

The gurdwara in Oak Creek in Wisconsin - where a 'neo-nazi' ex-army veteran, Wade Michael Page, went on a shooting spree killing six Sikhs on Sunday before dying of a self-inflicted gun shot wound - "is now open for the public", Jagajit Singh Sandhu, a member of the temple committee, said.

A lone bullet hole remained in a metal door frame, which members say won't be repaired. The doorway leads to main prayer area, where the only female victim - 41-year-old Paramjit Kaur - was killed.


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