Washington: The brave Brooklyn-born cop, who was shot nine times during last Sunday’s Wisconsin gurdwara massacre, has opened his eyes and told the world that he isn’t dead.

“Hello,” Lt Brian Murphy reportedly said. “He can recognise his family,” an Oak Creek police officer, said, adding: “You have no idea the relief we are feeling.”

According to the report, Murphy, however, remains in a critical condition.

A frustrated neo-Nazi who had invaded a Sikh temple in suburban Milwaukee and shot dead six worshipers, also shot at Murphy on Sunday.

The tragedy was keenly felt in Richmond Hills and Queens, where the Sikh community has been praying for Murphy’s recovery.

“Officer Murphy, he said one word this morning, which is hello,” said Harpeet Toor, who said he’s been in constant touch with other Sikhs in Oak Creek.

“So he’s still in critical condition, but he’s coming out of it,” Toor added.

According to the report, Murphy’s return to consciousness was a hopeful sign, but the death-defying cop still has a bullet in his neck, sources said. Murphy was the first officer to respond to the massacre and was ambushed by Page. Badly wounded, he waved off officers running to his rescue and sent them to tend the wounded in the sanctuary. “He was doing what a good leader would do,” former Oak Creek Police Chief Thomas Bauer said. “He knew precious time was wasting. He made a great decision to direct his men to take care of the threat,” he added.


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