Gurgaon: Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) has geared up the project of constructing about a dozen footover bridges by floating tender advertising policy.

As per the policy, the civic body has classified Gurgaon in four different zones and told the approaching companies for giving maximum revenue to the MCG for tender allotment.

MCG was about to sanction tender allotment to three companies, but it was delayed as 10 more companies filed application for the tender. These companies have been given the deadline of August 11 for submitting important documents and for other formalities, sources said.

The construction of footover bridge was delayed owing to MCG’s failure of getting advantage of tender advertising policy despite reserve price in bidding being lowered.

Expecting quick and positive results, MCG commissioner Sudhir Rajpal said the tenders would be allotted to the highest revenue paying company.