Gurgaon: India's World Cup hero Yuvraj Singh, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for a malignant lung tumour in the United States, was not able to appear before a Gurgaon Court on Friday.

Yuvraj Singh was involved in a case relating to a brawl in Gurgaon.

While filing a petition before the Additional Chief Judicial officer on behalf of Yuvraj Singh, his advocate said, “Yuvraj is in a hospital in the US since last month and has just gone through a surgery. He will be in the hospital for the next two weeks. Therefore, extension should be granted to Yuvraj to appear before the court.”

Accepting the plea, Gurgaoun Court has extended the next hearing by April 07, 2012.

Notably, Yuvraj Singh was involved in a case relating to a brawl during his 25th birthday party on December 12, 2006 at a bar in Gurgaon.

A case of allegedly beating and misbehaviour with Siddharth Mahajan the son of Journalist Neelam Mahajan was lodged against Yuvraj Singh.

After the incident, Neelam Mahajan had filed a complaint against Yuvraj Singh in the Gurgaon Police station. Her report said that Yuvraj had an argument with her son Siddharth before breaking into a fight in a drunken state.

Siddharth Mahajan was taken to hospital after the incident.