Gurmeet says, “I recently got calls from my friends Ragini Khanna, Kapil Sharma and some others. They all asked me if I had changed my number. When I said no, they sent me screen grabs of their chats with a person who told them that he is Gurmeet and that he has changed his number recently. He even asked my friends to pass on some numbers to him; fortunately, some got suspicious about his behaviour and asked me about the same.”

The actor has now spoken to the police and found out through a mobile application that this person goes by the name of Mandeep and that he hails from Punjab.

What’s more, Gurmeet alleges that not only has Mandeep spoken to his actor friends, but he has also approached a few producers.

“My friend Roshan from BBC thought that I was asking for these numbers and he ended sharing 12 contact numbers with this guy. It is a very serious issue because when some others refused to give him numbers, he started abusing them. I have registered a complaint at the Goregaon police station and they have asked me to gather more screen grabs, as it will help them trace the number and the caller. Incidentally, he had once called me under the name of Suhasi, but I didn’t think much about it as I assumed that he was a fan. I hope the police will find him soon and take action against him,” says the actor.

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