Mumbai: The resignation of an apparently unhappy Gurudas Kamat from the Union Council of Ministers is likely to even further deepen the chasm between the different factions of the Congress in Mumbai.

The prevailing factionalism in the Congress cadres is expected to make a negative impact for the party in the Mumbai Municipal Corporation elections scheduled in 2012.

Annoyed for not being elevated to the Cabinet rank Kamat tendered his resignation, which has been accepted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Presently, the Congress unit of Mumbai is split into three groups. The first group is led by Murli Deora who was the Congress President of Mumbai for a period of over 23 years.

Kamat who was named Mumbai Congress President after Deora heads the second group. Whereas, the third group is led by the present President of Mumbai Congress Kripa Shankar Singh.

It is no longer a hidden fact that Kamat had vehemently opposed Deora’s tenure as Mumbai Party President. After Deora stepped down from the post in 2003, Kamat was given the responsibility of heading the party in Mumbai.

In his five year tenure, Kamat strengthened his position in party unit and it was under his leadership that Congress tasted success in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections and state polls.

Even though Kamat has resigned from the post in 2008, his team still has a stronghold in the Congress committee of Mumbai.

After forwarding his resignation to the PM, Kamat believes that he made no mistake or violated party norms by not attending the Cabinet reshuffle on Tuesday last.

However, if the party high command takes action against Kamat, it will directly or indirectly create resentment among the party members at Mumbai. Such situation can leave Kripa Shankar Singh in an awkward position.

Congress members in favour of Kamat opine that he was not elevated to the Cabinet rank because of the large scale lobbying done by Deora in New Delhi. They also believe that Kamat was not given an important portfolio in the Cabinet reshuffle as it would have increased his political stature in Mumbai.

Under such circumstances, Kamat and his supporters are likely to pose problems for the Deora faction.

The ongoing bickering amongst the Congress members is likely to hamper the party’s Municipal Corporation campaign election campaign in 2012.