New Delhi: RSS ideologue S Gurumurthy, on whose analysis of the Purti Group account the BJP had backed its president Nitin Gadkari, made a flip flop when he declined to have given him a clean chit and later retracted his remarks.
"I have not given clean chit to NG (Nitin Gadkari). I cannot give clean chit to anyone who I don't know fully I don't know NG at all," Gurumurthy reportedly posted on the micro-blogging site around noon.
As his remarks created a flutter in the cyber world and the media, he deleted his posts a couple of hours later. "I think I am being misinterpreted. I have clearly said that the media allegations on Gadkari are false. If this is clean chit I have given it," he posted.
In another tweet, he said, "Let me clarify that I have given clean chit to Gadkari on Purti affairs. That is all." His last tweet on this issue was at 2.40 pm. It said, "I have deleted only the tweets they are misinterpreting. Not all."

Gurumurthy, however, later told it was completely wrong to say he has made a flip flop on twitter on the issue of Purti Group, associated with Nitin Gadkari.
"This is completely wrong; I had answered some tweeples in some 20 odd twitters about my article. Once some tweets were being misused and misinterpreted in isolation, I had deleted them."
"I have clearly said in my article, which appeared in an English Daily, as under -it is ridiculous to say I have given clean chit to Gadkari. I do not know enough about him to give him a clean chit, I did see on my probe that the media charge of money laundering against Gadkari was ridiculous."
Gurumurthy said, "The issue is about whether my investigation has cleared Nitin Gadkari on money laundering. It has. There is no contradiction between what I have written and what I have tweeted. Therefore the controversy is needless."


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