New Delhi: Activists and politicians have strongly condemned the five-day old appalling incident of stripping and molestation a 17-year old girl in Guwahati while she was returning from a get- together, saying every woman has a right to party and demanded strong action against the culprits.

They also faulted the Assam Police for "arriving late" to the spot in front of a bar on the Guwahati-Shillong Road on Monday night where the girl was molested.

The footage of the incident which was uploaded on video-sharing website YouTube sent shock waves across the country.

Here are some of the reactions:

Assam CM Tarun Gogoi: “Such incidents should not have been allowed to occur. The district administration and police are directed to monitor all bars, clubs, discos and hotels.”

Presidential candidate PA Sangma: “Why is this happening in the country where women are considered as goddess? Where was the police and administration when such a shameful incident was happening? The incident clearly portrays the lack of good governance.”

Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi:"Whatever has happened in Assam is unfortunate. I condemn the incident. We have full hope that the persons responsible for the incident will get strict punishment.”

Leader of Opposition (Lok Sabha) Sushma Swaraj: “This has not happened in Guwahati for the first time. We will not let this go unpunished.”

BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman: "It is a shameful incident...The BJP demands that immediate action be taken and the perpetrators of that violence go through a speedy trial and punishment is given to them”.

BJP Mahila Morcha president Smriti Irani:  "While it is painful that bystanders did not intervene and protect the minor girl, what is more distressing is the fact that policemen on the scene failed to apprehend the culprits immediately.”

J&K CM Omar Abdullah: "I feel that strict action needs to be taken against the accused so that people do not ever think of indulging in such kind of acts. It is a very unfortunate incident. Women are considered as goddess in our country. It is a matter of shame for all to see women being treated in this way.”

CPI (M) MP Brinda Karat: "It is absolute outrage....because it has happened just 2 km from the seat of governance in Assam. And the fact that if it could happen in a public place, on a public road, for more than 30 minutes and police doesn't come, what is the message? What is the message that goes out from this incident? Those women in India are not safe… There has to be prosecution of police officials responsible for this.”

NCW chief Mamta Sharma: “I demand that the police and state authorities take the matter seriously and arrest all those responsible for the incident. This could have happened anywhere else and these people should be punished as it is a very serious offence.”

Cong MP and ex-NCW chief Girija Vyas: “Not only Assam, but all other states should also look into the seriousness of the matter because "mentalities" have not changed. Every girl has the right to attend a party. She was molested by a group of boys immediately after she left the party.”


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