Clueless about the situation, Tushar failed to read the signs that Kriti had developed romantic feelings for him.

So guys, we share with you signs that the gal is not only interested in you, but has in all likelihood developed lovey-dovey feelings for you.  These will help you notice and grab these subtle signals, and might get you the girl you had been dreaming about.

1. Eye contact:

Eye contact is a proven sign of human attraction. People tend to stare intently at those they are attracted to, for between two and three seconds. So, if you are talking to her and she is constantly gazing at you then she is definitely interested in you. Now your job is to sustain her interest.

2 She calls or messages you first:

If a girl is interested in you, she will let you know and make it obvious. She will be the first one to call or message you regularly. She will be keen to know about your everyday activities. Think about it! She has so many other things to do but she is taking out time just for you.

3. She makes it clear that she’s single and ready to mingle:

If a girl is attracted to you then she will let you know if she is single, or recently had a major heartbreak. She’ll say things like, “Yea since I don’t have a boyfriend”, “I’m not dating anyone’’, or “I am looking for someone.’’
Now, it’s your turn to understand and catch the signs.

4. She will ask a lot of personal questions:

If a girl likes a guy, she will ask him personal questions. She wants to know him better. So, if she spends time and energy to dig into your life and find out more about you, then it’s a great sign.

5. She teases or compliments you time and again:

If she’s cracking jokes, picking at you, poking you, and teasing you politely, she’s probably or definitely interested. Time and again, she will compliment you for your dressing, your smile, or your way of talking.

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