Gwalior: In order to stop female feticide and to improve the sex ratio, the hospitals in Gwalior district would soon have the tracking device in ultra-sound equipments.

The electronic tracking device attached to ultrasound machines would help the administration in tracking sonographies conducted and to keep a check on pre-natal tests.

The presentation on the device has been conducted in the district a few months ago, after which the District Collector sought the permission from the state government to place the device in the hospitals.

The device would soon be installed in the form of a hardware device in 85 registered ultrasound equipments. The device would help in recording pre-natal test or any other tests conducted through the ultrasound machine.

The hardware has a locking system which would help in keeping the records safe which would be administered by the executive appointed under Pre–Natal Diagnostic Technique Act (PNDT Act).

Earlier, the similar mechanism which is called Silent Observer - an electronic device, had been placed in the hospitals of Kolhapur district of Maharashtra.

It is noteworthy that these steps are taken in the wake of high imbalance in sex ratio being witnessed in the districts of Gwalior and Chambal.