In a recent case, police have said they were considering invoking the amended Goonda Act against a right-wing activist who had launched verbal attacks on women and posted alleged inflammatory remarks against a minority community on Facebook.
VR Bhat, the accused, was arrested on August 2. In a complaint filed with police, a woman has alleged that Bhat, in his reply to her Facebook post, made the objectionable remarks. Another complaint by a woman journalist alleged that Bhat made inflammatory remarks against a minority community.
The Act includes "acid attackers, bootleggers, depredator of environment and digital offenders", George said.
The Act also covers drug offenders, gamblers, goondas, immoral traffic offenders, land-grabbers, money launderers, sexual predators and video or audio pirates, he said.
The government decided to bring sexual offences under the Goonda Act following a public outcry against increasing rapes across the state, including the one at a public school in Bangalore, George said.
Government had assured the legislature that it would try to amend the Goonda Act to bring sexual offenders under it when the Opposition BJP created a ruckus over the alleged gang rape of a six-year-old student at Vibgyor High school here.

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