Tehreek-E-Azadi-E-Kashmir or Movement for Kashmir's Liberation (MKL), bears the name and pictures of Saeed in its banners and has set up camps in Lahore as well as various other cities seeking donations to help the Kashmiri people.

Falah-i-Insaniyat Foundation (FIF), a sister organization of the JuD, has also set up camps across the country to collect donations for supporting the 'Kashmiri struggle for freedom'.

Besides the pictures of Saeed, the MKL banners and posters also display photos of apparently dead and injured Kashmiris, with slogans urging the public to donate for the Kashmiris' struggle against Indian forces.

"A sum of Rs 5,000 is needed for a family's dry ration and Rs 20,000 for medical treatment of an injured person," read one of the banner.

The JuD under the banner of MKL and FIF also offer slaughter and meat handling services to those sacrificing animals on Eid-ul Azha next month. One of its banner seeks Rs 63,000 for the sacrifice of an ox and Rs 9,000 for a share in group sacrifice of an ox, Rs 16,000 for the sacrifice of a goat and Rs 13,000 for a share in group sacrifice of a camel.

They say the meat collected in this way will be distributed among needy families in Kashmir, Palestine, Myanmar, Syria and in Tharparkar and Peshawar in Pakistan. Meanwhile, Lahore police senior officer Haider Ashraf said police have removed two camps in the city set up by the JuD and the FIF for collection of donations and funds for sacrificial animals.

"Police have been asked to remove all other donation camps of JuD and FIF in the city as both organisations are on the government's militant watch list," he said.