British-born Neil Harbisson is a contemporary artist, who was born with achromatopsia, an extreme form of colour blindness. A student of music and art, Harbisson's disease allowed him to see only grey scale. Refusing to succumb to this visual imparity, Harbisson became an incredible example of 'cyborg'.

Knowing that he cannot see the colours, Harbisson took to technology in 2004 to hear the colours. He surgically got implanted a chip in his brain, suspended with an antenna that allows him to hear the frequencies of various colours.

The antenna catches the frequencies passing the signal to the chip which informs him about the various colours. Depending upon the frequencies, the definition for colours varies for Harbisson. The bright red sounds pretty calm and relaxing to him.

Equipped with an electronic eye, Harbisson is the only person in the world who can listen to the colours.

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