Terrafugia, a small private American cooperation developing the new age car, had showcased its space age car last week in Oshkosh. The special feature of this car is that flying or driving it does not require extra added skills on your part. It can be operated like any other ordinary car and does not need a runway to take off while on flight mode.

It is obvious that there must have been times when the heavy traffic jam would have played spoilt sport and you wish for a car that would have flown you out of it. This car has been made in sync with this thought, as it is capable of taking off vertically. This USP of the car is slowly winning the hearts of many people.

The company had presented the design of this car last year and is set to unveil the fully developed car in the year 2015. The company has already started taking orders for the same. The USD 10,000 price tag on the car presents a dim prospect of seeing the car on the road anytime soon, but the thought itself is thrilling enough to make up for it.


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