"To add volume to thin hair one can choose natural human hair extensions, but we advise using it with clip-on attachments," Apoorva Shah, founder of trichology centre Richfeel Health and Beauty Pvt. Ltd, said.

"These are temporary, unlike the permanent type of attachment, which cause a lot of pull on the hair it is attached to. Sometimes it causes 'traction alopecia' (patchy loss of hair due to constant pull)," Shah added.

Wax, glue, adhesive or silicon rings are used to attach the extensions to hair.

"You need professional help to attach them and at times it can be painful to remove them. The chemicals also cause a lot of shaft (body of hair) damage leading to breakages and textural deterioration," he said.

If you are using human hair, you need to take care of it by keeping it well-conditioned. "Human hair needs good conditioning on a regular basis to avoid breakages," Shah explained.