Port-au-Prince, Jan 29 (Agencies): Months-long cholera outbreak has claimed more than 4000 lives in Haiti. Health authorities on Friday said the number of deaths caused by the cholera epidemic since mid-October has risen to 4,030, with a total of 209,034 people treated, health authorities said Friday.

A bulletin from the public Health Ministry released on Friday said that 115,238 of the patients who have been treated do not further need the medical care.

The epidemic, with an overall death toll of 1.9 percent, has caused to date the greatest number of fatalities in the northern province of Artibonite, where 857 people have died.

Next is Ouest including the capital with 653 deaths, Nord with 612, and Grand'Anse with 610.

The disease has spread across all 10 Haitian provinces and has started affecting the neighbouring Dominican Republic, where according to the latest official figures, one person has died among the 238 cases that have been confirmed.

Though the origin of the outbreak remains unclear, French scientists traced it to a unit of Nepalese soldiers serving with the UN Stabilization Mission for Haiti.

The Nepalese troops are suspected of dumping untreated human waste into a river that was the area's main source of drinking water.