People are looking for an image of a ‘Hindu Samrat’ in Modi as well as expecting him to solve the problems relating to water, electricity, road and power tariff.

As you enter a village in Mewat, you meet a senior citizen Uday Singh Khamnor. His family dwells on farming but he still is aware of the ground realities. Soon after hearing Modi’s name, Khamnor comments, “The man is powerful”.

Uday Singh’s friend Amba Lal Mali, who is sitting beside him, remains worried about 2002 Gujarat riots but avoids any shilly-shallying to say Modi is competent enough to pip his political rivals.

Khamnor village has been developed at the battleground of Haldighati now. BJP managed to win majority of assembly seats here last year. The saffron party is eyeing to repeat the same performance in the region as well in the general elections.

A resident of this village, Sanjay Tank says the Tribal votes used to be prised away previously with the help of money and liquor but now people here have become more conscious and have started questioning the government as well as their leaders.

Nathu Singh, who is on a visit to Gogunda where coronation of Maharana Pratap was performed, is high on emotions and says, “Pakistan, Bangladesh and China will only mend their ways when Modi becomes the Prime Minister of our country”.

But Singh is equally wishful about development and his demands aren’t too big as well. All Nathu Singh hopes for are good roads for easy commutation, clean portable water and hospital with a doctor available every time.

The wish list doesn’t come to an end here only as reduced power tariffs and relief from the irksome STD codes are also parts of it.  They have set their eyes on Modi to bring forward the concept of ‘One India, One code’.

It’s quite apparent that voters in Haldighati are eyeing a ‘complete package’ in Modi, who can take them on the path of modern development as well as bring life to the valiant spirit of Maharana Pratap on this land.


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