Three years have elapsed since the 26/11 attack, the epitome of bestial and barbaric act, carried by perpetrators in what could be remained in the living memory as blood curdling incident that left many innocent people crawling into death, the gory scene of which still creates goosebumps, but the ugly scars of Mumbai mayhem are as excruciating as ever. There are hosts of questions still doing the rounds in this regard. The issue is not only confined to the punishment of Ajmal Kasab rather the mastermind of 26/11 has not yet been brought to book. This is a pertinent question which cannot be shrugged off by India government or Pakistani establishment or the international community. It is shameful that Indian government starts faltering when the question is raised, why the delay is in punishing Ajmal Kasab, which underscores India’s claim of being capable of tackling terrorism on its own. There is equally important question, why India is mum on the lackadaisical attitude of Pakistan in punishing the perpetrators who executed the pogrom in Mumbai. Despite Pak’s dilly-dallying tactics, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh hailed his Pakistani counterpart as ‘Man of Peace’. When Indian leadership vividly knows that Pakistan is patronizing the mastermind of 26/11 attack, on what basis can it assert thaw in the relation between the two countries?

India should not shy away from making its points that the Indo-Pak relation cannot be put on track until Pakistan takes concrete step to punish the perpetrators. Economic-commercial tie and Pak’s olive branch of giving India a most favoured nation status would not heal the scars of the Mumbai attacks. The rally in PoK against the Pak government for trying to boost commercial relation with India by a group of banned outfits is a clear indication of their audacity and highhandedness. America is also held responsible for this lopsided approach. The US knows that Pakistan is just beating around bush as far as punishing the culprits of 26/11 attack is concerned, however it has confined to giving suggestions to Pak government. America’s slackness in taking action regarding David Headley, a conspirator of 26/11, could not also be ignored. It would be wise for India to give a clear cut message to Pakistan that in no way can there be any compromise on punishing the conspirators of Mumbai mayhem.