After ending his fast post acceptance of his three conditions in the Parliament on the Lokpal issue, Gandhian Anna Hazare has set the stage for another round of reforms related to villages, farmers, education and environment. Terming his triumph as half victory, Anna has blown the horn for yet another long awaited movement. Apart from various other ways, electoral reforms have become the need of the hour to arrest corruption. Similarly, for an all round and balanced development of the country efforts should be made to fix the matters pertaining to agriculture, farmers and land with no delay. Agriculture related issues are the most neglected in India, albeit our nation being called an agricultural country. Besides the fact that Anna Hazare’s agitation has mainly raised consciousness in urban India, raising awareness level in rural areas is equally important to solve their problems. The innumerable efforts to uplift the agricultural condition in India have not yielded effective results leading to failure in connecting rural India with the urban. Our politics is well aware of all the ground realities but is unable to bring in the basic changes. Can there be anything more ironical than the fact that the amendment in the Land Acquisition Act has been facing unnecessary delays. Where the political parties have proven incapable of solving an issue creating a matter of life and death for the farmers, how can one expect them to place village and farmer related issues on the top of their priority list?

Anna Hazare has given inkling that he can launch another agitation to eradicate the menace of corruption and other problems being faced by our country. Will the political parties ensure that he does not need to stir another movement? They should realise that Anna Hazare’s movement has let the cat out their bags and exposed them. The political parties can draw logical disagreements to the ways adopted by Anna Hazare to launch his movement but they cannot shy away from the truth that politics could not discharge its duties towards the public. This movement has significantly proved that politics failed to do its job. The political parties should at least hear the message sent across by Anna Hazare and the common people through the anti-graft movement. The public, through this agitation, has not only identified its strength but also become aware of its rights. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to prevent the occurrence of such situations in future which would compel the public to take to the streets again. It is calling upon all, especially the political leadership, not to ignore the glee of the celebrations marking the victory of democracy after the announcement of Anna Hazare ending his fast.