Giving a rap on the knuckles of the UPA government for not conducting a proper investigation against black money, the Supreme Court has constituted a special investigating team (SIT) to conduct a thorough probe into the cases, in what could be seen as a major embarrassment for the ruling dispensation. The Apex Court categorically said that it has serious objection to the steps taken by the Centre in this context. The court found that the investigation into the case was completely halted. After the SC’s acidic criticism, the government has now no ground to claim its seriousness towards the black money issue. Undoubtedly, after the Apex Court’s decision to set up SIT for probing the black money, the government is at loss for words to explain its position. The government itself is responsible for its plight. It appears that government is still not keen on taking pain to take concrete step against black money. The whole country is stunned in the face of graft and black money, but the government is still prevaricating. No tangible step has been taken to bridle the rampant corruption and bring back black money stashed away in foreign shores, though the government makes tall claim for its earnestness towards these burning issues. Understandably, the mammoth network of corruption and sleaze has criss-crossed from top to bottom of the system that cannot be dismantled in a split second, but an honest and integrated effort should have been taken in this regard.

The Supreme Court has constituted a 13-member SIT, including two former justices of SC and said that the team would chalk out a comprehensive plan and handle all issues related with black money. The way the Supreme Court took up the matter seriously and set up the SIT clearly indicates that the Centre’s 30-member committee was just an eyewash. Going by the slackness of the government to deal with black money, it is required that SIT should investigate the matter thoroughly and formulate a plan to bring the money back to the country. It is need of the hour to break the vicious circle of black money, as the black money salted away abroad is sinister for the Indian economy. It is a profound irony to see that the Central government is showing its slipshodness towards the issue to which the Supreme Court and common people attach paramount importance.