The patent-pending technology creates a super-secure connection but also allows for easy phone access.
The magnetic Z-Case and Z-Band is an innovative solution that can take the hassle out of managing a smartphone while working out, the company claims.
Because the Z-Case is magnetic, users are able to mount their phones nearly anywhere they are, to assist with taking hands-free selfies and group photos.
The Z-Case can also mount to refrigerators, metal doors, poles, cars and many other locations, the company said.    

The case as well as the ferromagnetic Z-Band has been developed by Cleveland-based startup Selfie-Z.    

When Z-Band is paired with the magnetic Z-Case, it provides a super-secure smartphone mounting solution, but also allows unencumbered access to the user's phone.
It is appropriate for running, biking, weight lifting and many other vigorous activities, the company said.