Carpet cleaning specialist Rug Doctor has put together a list of handy tips, to help you declutter your home.

* Take it one room at a time: Rather than trying to do everything at once, plan ahead and tackle areas one step at a time. Try and give yourself a time limit and don’t forget to have a cup of tea as a reward when one room is done!

* Recapture the sparkle: Kitchen and bathroom tile grout can become grubby and greasy. Recapture its sparkle with a simple hand-made solution of bleach and water (half and half). Leave it to sit for 20 minutes and wipe with a damp cloth to remove the bleach, dirt and any mildew build-up.

* Add a splash of vinegar to make those windows shine: A top tip for making your windows squeaky clean and clear is to add some vinegar to water and spray onto the glass, then simply wipe clean with a dust free cloth.

* Care for your curtains: Are your curtains looking drab? Simply take them down, remove the hooks and give them a quick cycle in the tumble dryer with a wet towel to get rid the dust.

* Contain the clutter: Keep clutter under control with well labelled boxes and baskets. Clear surface clutter as you clean by placing items into piles. If anything is broken or unused set it aside to throw away or donate.


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