New Delhi: Breaking his silence on his involvement in the Gujarat riots, Chief Minister Narendra Modi has expressed that he should be hanged if he was guilty.
Speaking to Samajwadi Party MP Shahid Siddiqui who is editor of a Urdu newspaper, Gujarat Chief Minister said, “If the government and the people think that I am responsible for the Gujarat riots, I should be hanged in public.”

When asked by the Samajwadi Party MP that why he did not apologies to the people for the riots, Modi said that he should not be forgiven if he was guilty but as he was not, so those who accused him for allowing carnage should seek his forgiveness.

However, after the conclusion of the interview, Siddiqui said, “The lip service by the Gujarat Chief Minister would serve no purpose. Until the guilty are sent behind the bars, it would not lead to any change in this regard. The accused are still roaming freely and the victims are eagerly waiting for justice.”

Siddiqui said, he decided to interview Narendra Modi over Gujarat riots after his meeting with Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt and Salim Khan. He said that they believed that Modi will refuse to talk on such a sensitive issue.


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