A New Delhi court had earlier ruled that charges against Cronje should be dropped as he died in a plane crash in 2002. However, the original chargesheet alleges that Cronje received more than Rs 12 million in two payments from a bookie Sanjeev Chawla, but Cronje senior said that Hansie had received less than a quarter of that amount.
"It's nonsense. Where is the money? I'm considering legal action against the Indian police", Ewie Cronje told the Afrikaans daily 'Beeld' in Johannesburg.
He said that he plans to move court because the Indian police were aware of the match-fixing since 1981, but did nothing about it. "Then they made Hansie the scapegoat," he said.
Hansie Cronje initially denied being involved in match-fixing, even convincing his then boss and South African cricket supremo Ali Bacher to dismiss the allegations by the Indian authorities.

Within a few days, Bacher announced Cronje's suspension even as the South African government instituted the King Commission of Inquiry to investigate the allegations following a confession by Cronje.
The Commission ended inconclusively but Cronje was subsequently banned for life from cricket at all levels.


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