New Delhi: The style icon of tinsel-town Abhishek Bachchan turns 36 today. Being born to Bollywood legend, Abhishek Bachchan is blessed with being tagged with the Bachchan family. The larger than life personality of Big B and the unmatchable experience in acting has always been a help for Junior B in terms of guidance and shaping up his career. But at the same time his aura has proven to be a tragedy when Abhishek faces comparison of his work with father.

As a personality, Junior B is simple and knows his limitations; he pays immense respects to his seniors and his fellow co-stars.  Sharing more interesting chapters of his personality and his upcoming movies, he gets candid with Sakhi in an interview.

He: The Real Prankster

Abhishek is famous as a ‘prankster’ amongst his friends and fellow workers on movie sets. Like other actors like Ajay Devgan and Sunil Shetty he also likes to play pranks on other co-stars. He feels that this helps in creating easy environment to work on sets. This also helps in gaining confidence in people and other co-stars you are working with.  Actresses, who have worked with him, praise his nature. As per Priyanka Chopra, “Abhishek is protective by nature and a very dear friend. If he is on set then one need not be bothered about certain safety issues”.

He Is Caring

On Film Industry events or on personal events, Abhishek is always protective towards the ladies he is with. He always holds his mother hand in crowd. He considers relevant to present with Aishwarya at the public events giving his support whenever she is in need. He also gives enough space to her stardom. He is the best when it comes to deal with the stardom of his wife and his father in public domain.  On social behavior, he is different from his parents and wife. He is more familiar and social. He is friendly with media, fans and crowd. No matter if media makes fun of him, he believes that they are doing their job and hence he does not have any envy against them. Be it be marriage or his father’s illness, everyone has seen his patience and the quality to handle situation aptly. He gives high importance to media due to which he is popular amongst journalists and reporters. Due to this, his popularity remains no matter his movie works or not.

Bollywood Calling:

His first movie could have been Rakesh Mehra’s directed ‘Samjhota Express’. Rakesh Om Prakesh Mehra has prepared for it as well but the opportunity from JP Dutta brand has pushed this project back. Abhishek has made his debut in Bollywood with JP Dutta’s ‘Refugee’. Although the movie was not a huge success but both the stars – Abhishek and Kareena got warm welcome from the industry and audience. Although Bipasha Basu was the first choice for the movie but Kareena bagged this opportunity. During that time, Abhishek and Kareena’s sister and Bollywood’s well known actress Karisma were romancing. In fact many channels and newspapers well covered the engagement news but they broke soon after. Abhishek well tackled such an emotional setback during the initial phase of his career. Although Abhishek has not enjoyed the position of superstar in Bollywood but his performance in few movies like ‘Yuva’, ‘Bunty Aur Babli’ 'Kabhi Alvida Na Kahena', and ‘Guru’ has touched the hearts of audience and his fans. He gave a brilliant performance as father of his real life father, Amitabh Bachchan. His performance as a action hero has also been appreciated in movies like Players and ‘Dum maaro Dum’.

Women in Abhi’s Life:

While Abhi was struggling to grab a foothold in Bollywood, he started dating the then famous actress Karishma Kapoor. The two were in fact engaged to be married, but the engagement broke, for undefined reasons in 2002. Bachchan camp say the Kapoors called it off while the Kapoors claim that the Bachchans called it off.

Though Abhishek's debut movie was opposite Karishma's younger sister Kareena but following Karishma –Abhi break-up she said there is no question of reconciling with the Bachchans and ever working with Abhishek again.

Post the breakup with Karishma, Abhishek –Rani  hot link –up stories became talk of the town. The two worked together in a number of films and their chemistry was always great. Though earlier it was reported that Ash was uncomfortable with Abhishek spending time with Rani, now everything seems to be fine between Abhi and Ash.

After Rani, another 'secret' relationship was reportedly brewing between Abhishek and model Dipannita Sharma. But finally Junior B dumped this upcoming actress and model for the former Miss World, Aishwarya.

Finally in February 2007, Abhishek got hitched with Aishwarya Rai after months of speculations by the media and fans about a relationship, and even a secret wedding. Since the Bachchans are known to be extremely superstitious and Ash is a 'manglik', she was married to a tree before she could claim Abhishek . In November 16, 2011 the most awaited baby birth happened in Bollywood as Aish and Abhishek welcomed their first child, a baby girl.

Abhishek: Father‘s Sentinel

For Abhishek, being born to father like Amitabh Bachchan is the most fortunate event ever happened but at the same time it is the tragedy when it comes to his career. People who don’t know him feel that increasing popularity of Big B is over shadowing Abhishek’s individuality; which they feel can be indirectly affecting Junior Bachchan’s persona. But people who know him closely vouch on the fact that Abhishek respects his father’s work and popularity. He feels proud talking about his father’s success and achievements. He also knows that his fathers’ achievement and popularity are not something that he has inherited. He has to put in his best effort to make a mark in the film Industry.”

Taking all criticism positive Abhishek put a lot of hard work to prove himself in this industry. 2012 seems to be very eventful for Junior B as his kitty is full of good movies like, Bol Bachan, Dostana2, Dhoom3 and many more.

Hope his littlke bbay girl brings a lot of success for him making bhim able to achieve his identity in Bolywood. Wishing this dashing hunk and newbee ‘Paa’ a very Happy birthday.

Success to Stardom:  Yet to Happen

Abhishek Bachchan has yet to experience the pinnacle of success. Till date, his glory is being questioned by many movie trade analysts. Before his every release the discussions amongst the movie trade analysts about his career and his dropping graph has become worrisome. He has always been compared with his father’s work and experience. Hence his individuality and performance gets overshadowed if we take a clue from his twitter where it is clear that father and son will always be a senior and junior Bachchan. This difference is well understood by Abhishek. Once he said, “Considering me as an actor, it is a proud and fortunate moment for me that I have an opportunity to stand in the same frame with Bollywood Legend called – Amitabh Bachchan. I believe the audience also doesn’t see us as a father and son in that frame. Although I have played a role of his son in a few movies but my nervousness is no less than any actor’s anxiety when shooting for movie scene”.