Starting her career with Parineeta till Dirty Picture in 2011, Vidya has proved her excellence through various shades she has played.

Expression of her deepest energy brought Vidya Balan to the platform where she stands today with a monopoly of being the only female ‘hero’ of contemporary bollywood lanes.

Vidya has evolved out of the cocoon in which bollywood actresses limit themselves. Her hard work is the true and enduring characteristic that has made her the best lady protagonist in industry.

Her unbelievable intelligence and spirit of taking life as a journey brought in her account most astonishing roles which not only she, but the film industry would cherish for years.

Vidya draped in a sari in ‘PAA’ looks calm, cool and motherly, in ‘Ishqia’ it reveals her desi sexy avatar and in ‘Dirty Picture’ her steaming saris makes her the most seductive figure of bollywood. A spirited sister in ‘No One Killed Jessica' or a confident girl in a wheelchair in ‘Guru’ Vidya with her uniqueness has spanned her career in a way that with her every new release she adds a feather to her hat.

When the career graph shows no depletion and the rat race to remain at the top in bollywood charts is believed to be the real fascination on actresses, accepting the path which is less traveled by is no less than a risk. Vidya took the road not taken which made all the difference.

When zero size became a synonym of being sexy, Vidya acquired kilos and her flab made her the real face of Indian bold beauties.

Once considered as a fashion fiasco, Vidya draped in silk has emerged as celebrated Indian woman.

Jagran Post wish the gorgeous diva a very Happy Birthday.

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