London: The happier a couple is in their marriage, the more likely they are to pile on the pounds, researchers have claimed.

A team of researchers from the Southern Methodist University in Dallas studied 169 newly married couples over four years and measured their weight and asked them how satisfied they were in their relationship, eight times.

They found that couples who were happy in their union tended to gain more weight than those who weren't, a media reported.

The findings held even after compensating for factors like pregnancy.

Lead researcher Andrea Meltzer told Health Day, "For each unit of increase in satisfaction found, either by the person or the partner, a 0.12 increase in BMI occurred every six months, on average."

Although the weight gain period isn't great it can add up over a longer period of time.

Meltzer speculated that couples in unhappy marriages may manage their weight better as they are contemplating divorce and want to attract a new partner.


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