And on this day Google has honoured all those inspirational teachers in style with a lovely and colourful doodle.

As you visit the homepage of Google, you will be welcomed with a sweet doodle which will remind you of your childhood days and all those wonderful memories with your best teachers.

The Google’s doodle features every alphabet in the logo as a teacher in the different roles. To start with, ‘G’ features a female teacher wearing spectacles sitting behind her desk; correcting papers and keeping an eye on students, like typical strict teacher.

The letter ‘O’ shows a teacher teaching mathematics in the classroom,  second letter 'O' shows a teacher possibly reciting a poem or story to the children. The fourth letter 'G' reminds you of your sports teacher who always inspired you to play sports and stay fit. The fifth letter 'L' shows a teacher of Chemistry in action, demonstrating complex chemical reactions. And the last letter 'E' depicts a music teacher teaching kids how to play music.

It is worth mentioning for the very first time this year Teacher's Day is being celebrated as Guru Utsav (celebration of teachers) Teacher’s Day in India is on September 5 every year since 1962 to commemorate Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday. He was the first Vice President of independent India and the second President of India.

So, here’s wishing a very Happy Teachers’ Day to all the best teachers out there who guided many and made a difference people's lives.