Allahabad: In the time of high inflation and turbulent markets where government companies and industry are feeling pinch, the Naini jail inmates are earning good bucks with their hard work. The inmates serving jail terms have set an example of entrepreneurship with doubling the production of factories being run by prison in last two years without any subsidies.

The jail factories handled by a meager 18 people, who train 500 prisoners under their guidance, supply their products to around 30 government institutions and jails in the state.

Engaged in making carpets, sheets, blankets, soaps, furniture and bakery, the prisoners earned Rs 52,56,994 in 2008-09 which grew to Rs 78,55,317 in 2009-10. Writing the success story, the jail production has already reached Rs 1,33,97,937 in this financial year.

Abreesh Gaur, Senior Superintendent of the jail, said, “There is no work pressure on the jail inmates. They do work on their own.” The jail authority pays Rs 40 to skilled ones, Rs 30 to semi-skilled and Rs 25 to unskilled labourers.

Kuldeep, who hails from Rai Bareli and is serving jail term since 2009 in a dowry death case, is the chief supervisor in a furniture factory.Binda, the chief instructor in soap and phenol factory is serving life imprisonment for murder since 1980 while Gurmeet, chief instructor in carpet industry, has been awarded death sentence for murdering 13 members of his family.